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Do you have a student aged 11-16 years? Here is a unique life-changing opportunity for them to lean the fundamentals of money.

In this Virtual Money Camp, they will;

  • Gain More Information About Money
  • Identify New Approaches to Successful Saving
  • Be Exposed to Investing 101
  • Be Conversant With Strategies that Will Keep You Out Of debt
  • Know the Factors that you Should Consider When Buying Your First Car
  • Practice Good Credit Habits
  • Begin Planning for Your Future
  • Develop a Savvy Money Mindset
  • Prepare for Early Retirement

Parents will enjoy

  • FREE Weekly Progress Report Updates
  • FREE Succinctly Developed Savvy Money Saving E-book
  • Free Action Guides & Worksheets
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Please note this is a deposit. The balance (2nd deposit of $99) is due August 1, 2020 We will invoice the email on file. If payment is not submitted by the due date, access will be suspended unless otherwise worked out by calling our office and speaking with a representative.


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