Savvy Money Camp
Savvy Money Camp

Do you have a student aged 11-16 years? Here is a unique life-changing opportunity for them to lean the fundamentals of money.

In this Virtual Money Camp, they will;

  • Gain More Information About Money
  • Identify New Approaches to Successful Saving
  • Be Exposed to Investing 101
  • Be Conversant With Strategies that Will Keep You Out Of debt
  • Know the Factors that you Should Consider When Buying Your First Car
  • Practice Good Credit Habits
  • Begin Planning for Your Future
  • Develop a Savvy Money Mindset
  • Prepare for Early Retirement

Parents will enjoy

  • FREE Weekly Progress Report Updates
  • FREE Succinctly Developed Savvy Money Saving E-book
  • Free Action Guides & Worksheets
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Savvy Money Mastery
Savvy Money Mastery

Savvy Money Mastery: 7 Secrets to Grow & Keep Your Money is a powerful book about achieving financial success, written by Money Coach Erica Lane. Drawing on her years of professional and entrepreneurial knowledge, Erica uncovers her profound and highly-effective approach to managing money, from saving for retirement to understanding credit and living on a budget.

Covering fundamentals mindset shifts, developing multiple income streams, and a wide range of tips and tricks for living on a budget and mastering the art of saving, this book offers practical, step-by-step strategies for avoiding debt, living below your means, and becoming savvy with money. With her 7 powerful secrets about saving money, this book is a must-read for anyone who wants to transform their relationship with money and begin living a more financially stable life.

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