You are who you say you are. The most important words you will ever speak are what you say after
“I Am” – Erica Lane

Erica Lane is an independent and professional woman who is passionate about empowering others in essential money matters. Raised in New York City, Erica soon realized a need for smart money management in the dynamic and highly competitive business world. Possessing more than 18 years’ experience across technical, sales, budgeting, and travel industries, Erica Lane applied her knowledge and experience to establish her brand and become a money coach while instilling hope in those who wish to be financially free.

Professional Background

Erica Lane possesses degrees in Political Science and Business Administration. Having maintained her core values and strong work ethic, she has gone on to reach new heights, becoming the founder of Savvy Money Empowerment Annual Conference and Tour that empowers women to take control of their money, health, business, and families.

Prior to starting her own business, Erica Lane worked as a corporate professional, leading employees across Corporate America for companies such as Chase, Mercedes Benz, and FIS Global. Her unmatched knowledge and expertise have contributed to her natural leadership, problem-solving, and entrepreneurial capabilities. Erica’s ability to innovate and motivate encourage and uplift others concerning money matters. She is also a CBD (Cannabidiol) Authority in the wellness sector with the purpose of joining industry pioneers.

She has further developed her professional approach based on training with experts such as Dr. Tiana Von Johnson, Dr. Safiyah Satterwhite, Cheryl Wood, and Lisa Nicole Cloud. Erica has been proudly featured across popular platforms such as Women Doing It Big Magazine, Ultimate Women’s Expo, NPower, More Credit To Women, Bronner Bros Hair Show, Natural Hair & Beauty Expo, Speaker Con, News 12, and WEN for her money mastery and coaching expertise.

Ms Lane currently manages 3 of her very own successful business with professional training offered to more than 50 entrepreneurs. She further offers exceptional business coaching services to assist corporate clients.

Author and Keynote Speaker

Erica Lane is a best-selling author on Amazon where she will be releasing her new book, ‘Savvy Money Mastery – 7 Secrets to Grow and Keep Your Money.’ As a keynote speaker, she has delivered motivational and money management classes to audiences from 20 to 2000 people. Erica is also launching her interesting new podcasts soon to be available on Itunes, IHeart Radio, Google Play, and Spotify. 

The Secret to Her Phenomenal Success

Erica Lane has become a solid name in the coaching industry. Serving as a valuable asset from her corporate days to her entrepreneurial pursuits, Erica has created an exceptional money management approach, which allowed her to triple her corporate income in only three years. She is a well-recognized and successful money and business coach.

Her accolades include the title of Entrepreneur Strategy Expert, Money Coach, established author, and renowned speaker. She believes in working directly with others to inspire and facilitate change that will bring about success. As a natural motivational speaker, black women are empowered to achieve their goals, dreams, and financial success. Erica takes pride in assisting others to recognize their value and encourages them to be more than they could ever have imagined.

Erica Lane seeks to inspire people to take control of their lives through educated and informed action. She believes in hard work, dedication, and a powerful drive to achieve professional and personal goals. Maintaining her high standards, she continues to deliver renowned money management classes, speeches, and podcasts across platforms in support of her followers and all who wish to achieve financial mastery.

In the search for a money coach and motivational speakers near me, Erica Lane is a leading professional of note.

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