Savvy Money Teen Camp

Do you have a student aged 11-16 years? Here is a unique life-changing opportunity for them to learn the fundamentals of money.

🧠Discover The One Thing Every Parent Should Be Teaching To Supplement Their Children’s Education… 💡
According to a recent study from the OECD – 1 in 5 American teens FAIL to meet the level to be considered financially literate…
But money is such a basic life skill in our society and the truth is, your child’s financial education is only going to come from either learning from their own mistakes (which can be costly and devastating, in some cases)…
… or learning from their parents… Isn’t it in your best interest to take a proactive approach to helping your kids get a stronghold on their finances, in order to set them up for a successful future?
Well the solution to this is to enroll your teen into this REVOLUTIONARY Savvy Money Teen Camp! 😃
They’ll learn everything they need to navigate their way through financial waters and set them WAY ahead of their peers and for future success.
They’ll discover – 
✅ Successful saving
✅ Investing 101
✅ How to stay out of debt
✅ Good credit habits
✅ How to have a savvy money mindset…
…. And much MUCH more!

Course Content

Welcome To The Savvy Money Camp
What Money Really Is, And What It Isn't!
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Money Habits