Savvy Money Mastery 1-1 Coaching

What you keep is way more important than what you make!
– Erica Lane

I Am honored you are considering me to coach you through such an important topic. I know it’s not easy but you’ve already made an amazing decision to get an expert to assist! It would be my pleasure to serve you and assist you in creating (or recreating) the financial story of your dreams.

Why Money Coaching With Erica Is For You

Whether you wish to save for retirement, need to build a savings plan, or stop living from paycheck to paycheck, Erica Lane, expert money coach, and business coach, offers professional money management classes to address debt, living above our means, and how to achieve financial goals. 

Seeking the professionalism of your leading money coach, you can learn how to gain financial wealth by managing the relationships, family matters, and career interests in your life. With effective money management classes, all persons, including couples, can be taught how to build a healthy financial status confidently.

Money Master, Professional Financial Coach, Author, and Speaker Erica Lane provides an insightful approach to becoming money savvy even in tough economic conditions. As a best-selling author and successful entrepreneur of 15 years, Erica imparts her knowledge and her tips to success to help those who wish to gain mastery over their finances. 

If You Are Ready To Live Your Financial Dream,
There Is A 2 Step Process To Working With Me 1-1

Step 1 Book A 30 Min Focus Coaching Session

In our first session, we will get clear on what your current financial story is, and where your dream financial story is. I will provide focused coaching to help you go from where you are to where you want to be. You may only need this single session to get clear and be empowered on your path, and you can book another session at any other time. Session includes prep questionnaire and worksheet.

$120 Session Fee is in USD and includes:
Pre-session Questionnaire and Worksheet

Get Started with a Single Focus Coaching Session

Step 2: Enroll in 90-Day Savvy Money Mastery Package

After Step 1, together, we can decide if you need a long term coaching to create lasting habit shifts. You will be invited to enroll in the Savvy Money Mastery Course to organize, resolve and move you forward to your dream financial story.
12 weeks of focused money coaching sessions customized to your personal Money Story Plan

Savvy Money Mastery Package - 90 Days to Organizing, Resolving and Moving Forward To Your Dream Financial Story

Focused bi-weekly coaching call to get to write your financial story page by page! This program is all about you, your relationship with money and how we (re)claim your financial power. 6 private coaching sessions (via Video Call or Phone Call) Unlimited e-mail and text support between sessions (Between 10am-9pm EST) Work sheets, coursework to complete between sessions, money saving tools, and more

You will Receive:

  • One Partial Day (2.5 Hours) session with Erica to establish your money plan. This is what we will work on for the next 90 days. This includes an In-depth pre-session questionnaire
  • Video sessions (Recording Optional)
  • (6) 45-min money calls with Erica to support you and your Money Story Plan, track your progress, and outline your money story
  • Unlimited text and email access to me for the next 90 days (Between 10am-9pm)
  • 1 Ticket to a MasterClass In Your City 
  • Savvy Money Mastery Book Bundle – Book and Workbook
  • BONUSES: Free Money Gift Pack that includes copy of the Savvy Money Mastery Journal,  one book, worksheets, coursework to complete between sessions, money saving tools, coursework to complete between sessions, money saving tools, and more to use as you move through this course